World’s First universal cutting dust shroud with innovative Multi Adaptor System

NK-125MA is the High-End cutting dust shroud applicable to almost ALL brand’s 115-125mm angle grinders with our innovative “Multi Adaptor System”. In addition the high dust collection performance of 95% and the high stability of the 5-roller mechanism greatly improve work efficiency.


MULTI ADAPTOR SYSTEM enables to be fitted onto a wide range of 115-125mm angle grinders. *
*Except “X-LOCK” series by BOSCH and MAKITA.


Grinder handle can be installed to the side of the cover that supports better control when cutting.


Detachable base unit system effective for releasing overtightened blade fixing nut.


Good-visible and Position-adjustable cutting line guide is equipped on the front roller.


The 5 rollers cancel any frictions against the work surface, allowing x2 faster cutting speed compared to a No-roller shroud.

SpecSee the manualbelow for each areas.

Some special angle grinders (ex. X-LOCK type) may not be installed.
Please access  Grinder Search System to check compatibility.


【NK-125MA】  Fitting instruction Video





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  • 【NK-125MA】 Multi Adapting System

Spare&Optional parts

Sub Plate NK-SPMA (for some special grinders)
【Sub Plate NK-SPMA  Manual】 


■Guide Ring (for some special grinders)
【Guide Ring Manual】