Amazing dust collection performance 97%* & Unique Functions !!

Grinding dust inevitably spreads around the work site and is hard to catch even with a vacuum cleaner. Up till now, users have just had to put up with this problem. Our new product "NKC-125" is the best solution for removing unwanted dust. "NKC-125" can collect approx. 95% of dust during grinding work, outperforming all other dust covers. Also, the unique functions of "NKC-125" make tiresome grinding work less of a chore. Check the promotion movie !! Powered by Youtube.


With our new FLEX-SEAL system, the head of "NKC-125" is sufficiently flexible to allow a natural grinding action, yet still seals tightly to generate a strong stream into the duct, even with low-powered cleaners.

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Exchangeable connecter enables use with a wider range of Grinders.*We continually update our products to ensure compatibility with the latest Grinders.

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"NKC-125" can be adapted for corner grinding by simply switching the MAGNETIC front covers.ers.
*Stable & Smooth dust-free grinding near the wall !

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*Alternatively, the front cover of "NKC-125" can be fixed by screws.

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SpecSee the manualbelow for each areas.

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  • the Promotion video of NKC-125. Check the performance of "NKC-125" !

Spare&Optional parts

■Brush Skirt      NKC-BR

The changeable Brush is suitable for use on any surface. It prevents the dust from leaking out of the Cover.