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Dust generated on the construction site is a serious problem because of the damage caused to both the operatives health and to the environment. NKC-180 is the world best dust extractor for a wide range of popular angle grinders.


Our revolutionary “Multi Adapting System” enables NKC-180 to be fitted onto a wide range of popular 180mm and 230mm Large Angle Grinders. ※

※Details on compatible models are listed in the instruction manual.

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The front window of NKC-180 can be opened by one-click operation when grinding against the wall.

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With our FLEX-SEAL system, the head of NKC-180 is sufficiently flexible to allow a natural grinding action, yet still seals tightly to generate a strong stream into the duct.

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SpecSee the manualbelow for each areas.

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  • Promotion video of NKC-180

  • Fitting instruction video NKC-180

Spare&Optional parts

■Brush Skirt      NKCA-BR

The changeable Brush is suitable for use on any surface. It prevents the dust from leaking out of the Cover.